Lone Eagle
Lone Eagle

Excellent points by all. However, rogue cops will be the least of your worries. In the large cities/metros, many will be cannon fodder in the first 24-48 hrs after reality sets in. Most grocery stores in America only carry 3 days of supplies(used to be 7). Once the shelves run dry, then pandemonium will ensue. If you want an example, search, “EBT not working”. That was a fun 24 hour freak show.

The rural areas will have more of a heads up in some areas. I live rural, and commute into town to work. I made it a point to memorize each and every route in/out of the area in case of GTFO. We practiced several scenarios, but you can’t be 100% prepared 100% of the time.

Some rural areas are tight knit here. In my town, there is one church, and 90% of the townspeople attend. They may not remember your name, but they do remember a face. Oh…..and we are a firearm friendly church, so don’t get the idea of raiding during a service, either. Whole “sheep and sheepdog” thing. We not only help one another, but also watch each others backs.

Never challenge a man who has nothing left to lose.