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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Hillbilly wrote:</div>So I use 55 gallon drums, steel with clamping ring tops. I think they are airtight……snip…. I have discovered that with basics in mind, one drum holds enough beans and rice to last each person a year.

Today I bought two 55 gal plastic drums for food storage. As Hillbilly commented they will hold close the the amount of food for one person for one year. I have been buying as much supplies as I can afford adding what I can as I go along. Well I really haven’t been stocking up like some others for years so I’m behind the eight ball on real requirements.

I am using rice as a base staple to determine the required volume of food for each person for one year. One cup uncooked rice = 700 calories so each person needs at least 2 cups (uncooked) per day 1400 calories plus proteins and fats. 2 Cups of rice = 0.88 lbs. So rounded up to 1 lb per person per day = 365 lb per person for one year.

A 55 gallon drum will hold about 440 lbs, one year of rice 365 lbs and about 100 lb of beans.