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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>elijah wrote:</div>I’m not maintaining that the hard times we see coming are necessarily the End Times the Bible talks about; after all, there have been hard times throughout history and none so far have been the end. But neither do I exclude the possibility, and I’m inclined to think that it is coming soon

You are correct that we have seen hard times throughout history but never before have we seen so many things going on in the regions outlined in those prophecies that seems to line up. I agree that we may not be in the “End Times” but I believe at the very least we are seeing the foundations being laid for that period in time. I would be glad to put my 2 cents in on this discussion and share any biblical knowledge I have. There are several different prophecies dealing with several different aspects of the end times. Is there one in particular you want to start with?