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The OP’s question was about our perspectives on the next major world changing event. In my opinion, we are witnessing the educational system getting ripped apart and watered down to become little more than a social experiment. I am sorry if that was considered off topic, but I really do feel that we are in the beginning stages of a global crisis that will only end badly for countries like the US.

Not everyone can afford private schools and even those are not the quality that they used to be. I have found that many of the graduates of private schools I have run into in the last few years were unable to finish a task without very high amounts of guidance. They could not move from one step to another. If I was not right on top of their work, they would stop at the last milestone and await direction. They also had an education that would drill down into certain topics, but would completely ignore other topics. For example, one guy knew all about Shakespeare but had no clue about sentence structure. He was functionally illiterate and had graduated from some highly rated school in NYC, but he knew all about “diversity” and the gay/lesbian movement. Unless that school made a dramatic turn around since he graduated 4-5 years ago, those being churned out of these places could potentially be educationally crippled for life.

As for “fix it,” I have been working with my children. I am not going to go door to door to “fix” other kids. Besides that, I can’t “fix” organizations like the NEA.

Like Sgt. Stryker (John Wayne) said, “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.” That, unfortunately, means that it will be harder on those of us with common sense and a drive to “fix” what they can, where they can.