Yeah, I’ll agree to what barrowwight and whirlibird were saying: that there are those who see conspiracies everywhere, and when an exception comes along they’ll button down and say there’s an even deeper conspiracy, and make the elite controllers just too clever by far. I also agree that when one has studied these things for a time one can start detecting a common ‘orchestration’, almost like fingerprints, that ring a bell that what we’re being told is phoney baloney.

Of course, there really are bad guys out there and a lot of bad things happen which the elite aren’t always responsible for, I guess. I see the elite as our home grown terrorists, and maybe that’s why they find it so easy to create and support terrorism in other places.

Foley may well be dead, but there seems to be more to this story than the one that the MSM and the gov are pushing.

Bugs Bunny: "I speak softly, but I carry a big stick."
Yosemite Sam: "Oh yeah? Well I speak LOUD! and I carry a BIGGER stick! and I use it, too!" BAM!