A reminder, there are less than 800, 000 active duty cops in the entire US.

Let me give a few inside tidbits of information.

SHTF, they will not be banding together to do anything but protect their own families, bluntly most cops aren’t that fond of their coworkers in many cases.

Of all the guys I worked with, I keep in contact with three. And one is business related. You ain’t getting a group of stormtroopers out of that.

You try and enact revenge for cousin sullys being put away because he’s a pedophile, you will get more than you bargained for, but realistically the cops will be laying even lower than usual.

Why? Because they are the closest thing to a .gov representative available to blame. And worse yet, thousands of idiots will expect the cops to abandon their families and go find great aunt suzy and her cat.

Those that do go out or are foolish to stay on the job too long will be subject to the same attacks that happen daily in South Africa, where cops are ambushed daily for their weapons.

Bluntly again, you’d be better served by getting to know your local cops, so they know you’re not a bad guy. You’d be surprised how far that goes with LE.

Little story, some years back a little grocery owner in Chicago complained about the cops constantly. The cops knew this but still frequented his establishment. The store owner, we’ll call him Hal, was at work when one of the prowl cars spotted something suspicious at Hal’s house and went to investigate. The patrol officer was injured in the scuffle when he and the bad guy went down the staircase. The bad guy got away temporarily, but the cop was off for nearly 6 months.

Hal went to the cops house every weekend and mowed the lawn, never saying a word, but continued his rants at work. Couple of weeks later some punk tries to rob Hal when he is closing the store. Out of the darkness comes the wrecking crew and they proceed to teach the punk a lesson then take him to jail.

Hal asks where they had come from, and why they had done that, their response was simple. You’re part of the neighborhood. You don’t have to like us, but we’re still here for you.

Hal wasn’t really mad at the cops, he had gotten the shaft from the county and they were the obvious targets, they were available.

I know the story is true, I didn’t hear it from the cops either. My cousin worked for Hal many years ago and introduced us, he told me himself.
Hal was known as a kind man, a stand up guy, charitable and everything good. He was respected by those around him.
The entire squad from that precinct, retired or not showed for his funeral, because of who he was. And the rookies mowed the lawn until his wife moved into a retirement home.

They were part of the community.