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sledjockey, no offense to your kids but heaven help us all if that’s what’s coming out of high schools, My Dad was kicked out of school in 8th grade (and went into the military….WWII) and my Mom left school in 10th grade. Both were fully literate and could write proper sentences, spell, and do math in their head. That’s the way it was back in the 40’s. We pulled our kids from the public schools after 6th grade because I was so disgusted after reading the Principal’s Annual Report for the Middle/High School in town. It included all the scores for all the games the sports teams played but did not have a list of who made it into the National Honor Society or which colleges the kids went to from the prior graduating class. It was clear what his priorities were. Where we sent the kids sports were mandatory but there was never any confusion over academics being the absolute top priority. Bad behavior got you booted out and 100% of the kids went on to 4 year colleges. The elite who decide that Common Core is required, that mandate that problem kids remain in the classroom, that kids that don’t speak English are dumped on the public schools,and so on send their kids to private schools like my kids went to. The children of the US and World elite don’t go to public schools. Their standards for their kids are very different than the standards they force upon everyone else. New England is chock full of boarding schools full of these kids. These days the price tags are typically in the mid $30’s for day students and $50K+ for Boarders, and they have no problem filling all of their openings.

Sorry for the thread drift, but I felt this speaks in part to the elite truly seeing themselves above and apart from everyone else.