I have a question regarding fresh water. I live in the suburbs in Gulf Coast Texas. I’ve been told there is a city ordinance against drilling your own water well yet none of the city officials can tell me why … (???) I also have some rural land (2.6 acres) that is undeveloped (no water well, septic tank, etc.,) and is 6 hours (north) away from us here.

I’m wondering how hard it would be to tap a well here in the suburb if the SHTF here because of a hurricane?

When Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast, our city had a water boil advisory for about 3 hours only after the storm had passed. We got by with no problem. Used the generator to keep the appliances running for about 12 days. I had gas for about 2 days and on the second day the stations opened back up. Stores had about 72 hours down and then they reopened with fresh food, as did pharmacies.

Water was, and still is, what I am concerned with. My wife is diabetic now and must have drinking water as well as some sort of food. In a SHTF situation I would not worry about the legalities of drilling a small well, but is it feasible? I have always been on city water or at a place where a well was already in operation so I don’t have any experience in this.

Folks … please share your thoughts and questions. THANK YOU !!! :-)

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