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Someone could cut your hand off with a machete and there would be six YouTubers/bloogers telling you it didn’t happen, it’s a hoax to turn you against the guy who did it or distract you from something someone else is doing to you. And there’s no shortage of people in this country who would believe it even as they bled out. There should be a conspiracy version of “Rule 34″… If it exists, there are videos and blogs on the internet denying it as a false flag conspiracy.

I’m not one to take anything the government or media says at face value, but if you’re aware (and therefore jaded and disgusted), you can start to see through the misinformation projects. There’s a certain song-and-dance, jingle/mantra quality to it a lot of the time that hints at it being basically an ad campaign. But not everything you hear about is 100% made up; people who opt for that knee -jerk reaction are just as naive as the ones who buy the media version unquestioningly.

American conspiracy theorists are like mutant Progressives; they’re determined that every evil thing in the world is actually the work of the U.S. and we’re just in the Matrix of the American media machine. They seem to forget that people in this country have other sources of information than TV. We have friends and relatives and business contacts overseas who can confirm/deny things and fill in the blanks. Was Foley beheaded? I don’t see why not; they do that over there. It’s actually a moot point; he’s just one guy. ISIS as a wave of death and madness sweeping across the continent is not a myth created by the U.S. government. Those guys really are out there and they really are that bad. And they really do have sympathizers on American soil. Not sure why a phony beheading would be necessary; that would be like secretly pouring water on an umbrella to convince someone it’s raining when there’s a hurricane raging outside.