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I think we are in the middle of a HUGE world changing event. Our education system…….

We have teachers that preach peace, love, and socialism while wearing Che shirts and voting for the same political party that was for slavery, was against equal rights, and has used political maneuvers to enslave millions through enlisting them into the FSA (Free **** Army). They are rewriting history to favor the liberal agenda, are for opening our borders to anyone and everyone no matter what, and try to get our kids to believe that the government doesn’t really TAKE money out of their checks to give to thers, but instead GIVE money from their checks to “help” others. They aren’t TAKING, but instead GIVING.

The “taking” and “giving” are no joke. I actually had my daughter and her friends try to convince me that there was a difference….. It was what their teacher taught them, of course.

This is where our world will change. Our kids are being misinformed, not taught anything to enable them to think on their own, and are actually becoming a “zombie horde.” These are some examples of what my kids have had to endure in our current school system. All 3 of mine graduated in the last 3 years so this is current information. I have put what the schools are telling them in bold:

Conservation groups are good and all taxes gathered protect our wildlife. Guns and hunting does not contribute. The truth: Pittman/Robertson and hunting licenses provide the bulk of those funds. Some is routed through the General Fund, but that money is from access fees and the sort. The P/R Act alone contributed $522,552,011 in 2013.

One teacher told my kids that the only reason they don’t see many “Indians” (not Native Americans) around is that they are all drunk on reservations. She said that they should just drive through a reservation to see one if they wanted to.

They teach that the only reason that there was a US Civil War was because of slavery. The reality: There were many factors. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Library of Congress’s archives of speeches on both the House and Senate floors, the petition to England’s Parliment in 1860 for assistance with unfair taxation and tarriffs, and even a good part of David Potter’s book help explain many of the other factors. Instead of talking about all of it so we don’t repeat history in any form or fashion, it is easier to just blame one thing.

They don’t teach ANY science. None…. My kids took 4 years of science and spent the entire time learning that big corporations and cars are causing “Global Warming.” My son was kicked out of class when he questioned the research they were using to substantiate “Global Warming.”

My “other daughter” grew up in Texas and actually has to use her fingers to add or subtract. She also must use a calculator to even do minor multiplication/division.

None of my kids even know the difference between a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, article, or (let alone) a preposition. It was never explained or taught to them.

They do know all about how 1 out of every 100,000 people have a predisposed gene that makes them homosexual. Of course I then asked, “If this is the case, then most homosexuals are gay out of choice then?” They were horrified. I explained further, “If there are about 340 million people in the US, then only 3400 people have a medical excuse for being gay according to those statistics.” My daughter brought that up in class the next day and I was called into the admin office because she was “gay bashing.” They are taught not to question or think, but to obey.

This is what is going to lead (imo) to our next major decline of civilization.