Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Normally I wouldn’t be worried as much, because if they’re close enough to kill me, that means I’m close enough to kill them too. But if that ebola martyr thing is for real, then we’re talking about a whole new ball game that honestly scares the hell out of me. Again, it may or may not be correct, and even if it is, the numbers they say in may not be as high, but even 10-20 of ebola infected isis/isil shitheads can do some pretty serious damage.

But, one thing that does bother me is that we’re pretty well aware that there are a number of isis-pro jihad people in the U.S., as well as here in Canada and nearly everywhere in Europe and other regions. That being said, since they’ve recruited from all over, it might not be some Saudi Arabian guys. There are plenty of westerners in isis, people who can speak fluent english, and look nothing like the general population of iraq or syria. This means that even if they’re not these ebola martyrs, they’ll still fit right in anywhere.

Keeps your eyes open guys.

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