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I think it’s impossible to predict human behavior on a macroscopic scale. In my experience, the military and paramilitary (as in law enforcement) communities in countries east of the Mediterranean are some of the most corrupt people I’ve ever encountered, and often openly so. I’d like to say all the things Selco has warned against: “Not here”, “We’re different”. I think to a large degree that may be true, but I also realize it’s only partly so. I have no delusions about the elements in our military and law enforcement communities who would take advantage of a disaster, especially a total collapse type disaster. I don’t think that’s even debatable.

The question is: what do you do? Whether it’s a legitimate government force, a rogue force previously under government control, or outright imposters, does it make a difference? How would you react to the use of force or implied threat of force to sieze your property?