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The most effective method for them to attack us would be the type attack laid out below. They can strike a crippling blow, maybe enough to wipe us out as a nation. The disease would be spread to the military removing them as an effective fighting force. If this article is true we are in major trouble.

From the conspiracy thread Mr Red posts: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1795.htm

“In just one example of these “experiments” conducted by Boko Haram and IS, this report outlines, their operatives were directly infected with the Ebola virus and then sent on “martyr missions” to other West African nations and villages where they would then withdrawal their own blood and disperse it to their “targets” at roadside cafes/restaurants by adding it to the water or other beverages people would purchase.”

“And of these 8,000 IS terror members in the US posing as Saudi students, the SVR states, nearly 3,000 have become “Ebola Martyrs” willing to die in their “mission” of infecting as many Americans as they can before their stated deadline of October”.”