I’m still wondering where all of the contaminated bedding, sheets and other items ended up. Several suit cases sent to a destination unknown.

They got sent away? Where did you hear about that? I was just yesterday thinking that some groups would love to get their hands on some contaminated items…

Here are some thoughts I had on the strategic use of Ebola in the last couple of days.

We still have things getting built at our place on the countryside. We have some Burmese workers here and they are very very simple people. It is the first time in my life that I deal with people that simple. There is simply not much going on in their heads because they never went to schools or had more or less any intellectual stimulation.

They are still happy people and as long as you look after what they do, they do a good job but this experience got me thinking. With the unavoidable technological progress so many people will be just a “burden” for society. This has already started now. Some young adults are already now more or less unemployable because they bring little to no skills along that are needed today.

Its not a real stretch to imagine some people in power might just let some diseases like Ebola run wild for some time as a way to get rid of undesirable groups of people. I know Im leaning myself far out of the window now but the most skilled and educated people reproduce much slower than the more simple group of people… I dont know where this will lead…

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")