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Selco, I think once there is a SHTF here in the U. S. law enforcement , military will use there power to take what they need for them self’s and there families. The rule of law will end. I posted this in the passed that rural areas have to be ready since the military knows that the cities do not have the food supplies they need. The law enforcement and the military knows that the food supplies comes from the rural areas so that is where they will go. They will not spend a minute in the cities with all the civil unrest and shooting that will be going on there.

They will go to the rural areas with all of there weapons ready to take what they need. All the preppers on all the forums, blogs and website have been posting the idea of going to the rural areas where they can hunt and grow tons of food. Do you think they have not read these post! Yes they have and they have all the public records of the owners.

So rural areas need to be prepared for what is coming there way.