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It was when I was in the national guard. They did not put much thought into where they put their tents. I had no tent and was not real fond of camping too close to my unit since I snored loud and they like to mess with me while I slept because of it. You would think the first time I almost gutted one of them like a fish in my sleep when they were messing with me they would have learned to leave me alone. Anyhow, I walked a ways into the woods and set up on high ground with a good stand of trees around me to act as a wind break. I set up my cot with metal folding chairs next to it. I set up my tarp just high enough to clear the chairs and tied the edges down about 12″ off the ground.

I had a battery operated fan that would keep mosquitoes off me and my clothes and boots went inside plastic bags on the seats of the chairs.

The next day I was rested and dry and most of the rest of my unit was wet, tired and cranky.