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this is my basic plan
first of all I live in a suburban area very close to a hospital (with-in walking distance) and a storage area (practically in my back yard and its walled)
I’ll get my friends together (who are loyal AF) to make up the security part of my “compound” and since my house isn’t capable of keeping three families in it, I’ll have to have them stay in the office of the storage compound (which is just as big and their families are very small compared to mine and if need be I’ll stay there with them too.
We will last off of the supplies I have (not enough for three families gonna need to get more) which I predict will last one month. after that we will start looting whatever is useful in the storage compound ( It’s survival we are talking here)
and bug out to the near-by mountains, looting whatever is left in the stores (I doubt there will be much) along the way.
once we are in the wilderness we can start farming with the seeds I have and scout the near-by mountain towns.
after that I have no clue what to do.