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Hi MB, that is a question I’ve asked myself plenty of times and I’m sure others have also. To be honest, I really don’t know, maybe we are doomed if we stay here, but where else shall we go? From my research I’ve been able to confirm that I am already the 8th generation of my family born in SA/Northern Rhodesia and it could very well be more, there are unfortunately no further info available or older generations still alive to dig deeper. I believe we have poured enough of our blood, sweat and tears into this ground to call it home, if however the worst does come to pass I would move to the USA in a heartbeat.

The really sad part is that everybody can see we are on a downhill into the abyss, yet many people prefer to do the ostrich move, rather than face reality and try to fix it before all is lost. This has happened time and again to the countries north of us and it seems as if we are doomed to repeat it. Suppose the main reason is that it is far easier to blame the past, than to take ownership and fix the present. That and this ridiculous self entitlement attitude that has reared its head amongst the younger generation.