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Selco, i went back and read your post of May 16 again. Thank you for your insight. What struck me was your last remark about what is possible vs. what is easier. That is an important observation as it gets back to the notion that those who are better prepared should have a better chance to survive than those less prepared, whether they be in the city or in a rural area.

My gut instinct has always been that the rural areas will be much more desirable, largely by virtue of their ability to raise crops and wild animals. Plus water and sanitation would be far superior to any available in a city. In the end, based on the thoughts and experiences of those in this specific discussion, I have concluded that for me and my family, we will be in a remote, rural area where we can become self-sufficient and be well defended against ALL enemies.

The challenge now becomes finding enough good Christians who can already see what is coming plus who want to be as prepared as possible when the SHTF.

Thanks for starting and maintaining this website. For those who implement the preparations discussed in here, they should at least have a better chance than the vast majority to survive, no matter how bad things become. As much as I despise what the criminals in DC and other governments are doing to us, I know we can prevail IF we place our reliance upon God, pray to Him for guidance, than act in the firm belief that He always help those who help themselves.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!