Lone Eagle
Lone Eagle

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>Amen brother. Panic will get a lot of corner store owners killed. If ISIS attacks you know anybody of Middle Eastern decent will automatically be suspect in a lot of peoples eyes. I mean in a way you can’t blame them but still it could be a very touchy situation.

Not necessarily. Look at the current makeup of ISIS. Brit, French, Spanish, Greek, American. These 5 I remember from several vids on YouTube showing them destroying their passports. Recently, Moner Mohammad Abusalha blew his dumb self up in Syria. He was from Ft. Pierce, Florida but traveled to Syria late last year with a group of Americans. He came home, but went back just days before turning himself into pink mist.

Never challenge a man who has nothing left to lose.