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warpedrazorback, All great points. I think we are in agreement on a lot of the subject. I want to point out that the ham radio may work with a grid down if you protect it from an EMP if not you will have a fried ham radio.

So you live in a city like my self, Miami, Florida. It would be a war zone here. I do not know many people that do not own a gun here.

Agenda 21 I have read a lot on it and believe that it is true since there are so many city laws that are part of Agenda 21. UN would help. I believe they would take down the grid with adversary that will get our help so they would do it right. The can blame them later but we will not know about it for years and many will die and never know what or who did it. The gun control will never work so this is the best way. They do not even have to send the military in. We will kill each other for food and water, After 12 to 24 months the UN comes in and helps the ones that are still alive be offering food and water but to get the food and water you must give up your weapons.

Now they have total control of the people and lost a small amount of the army because they didn’t need to fight a civil war. Now the problem will be the rural areas which the government has other plans for them. They know rural areas have food and water so there is were the war will be.

Now that is only what I think. You have many great points that may come true and I maybe wrong on some of my points. But one way or another it is all about which way they can take us down the easiest.