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matt76 we can find all of them here and then they will find someone here to do the job for them. They will hit us anyways. They just want to kill all of us. I know it is very hard to understand why. ISIS thinks the world need to be ISIS! It is like all of us saying let Hitler just do his think over in Europe and we just stay here and if he come here we will deal with it.

What may happen is ISIS becomes so strong and in so many countries that we may not be able to deal with it later.

That is the reason we had to go to war in WWII, stop it before Hitler got to big. They are a cancer that keeps on growing and we need to attack it now because it is small and we can cut it out or deal with it later which it may kill us.

If they get there hands on some nuclear weapons and find a way to bring them here it is over. There is not an easy way to deal with this.