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warpedrazorback, I also have studied the FEMA regional maps. I do think they have plans but I do not think they will work even with the DHS. I know someone in the DHS and they have told me if that were to happen that there would be many turn goats also in the DHS. In a limited area they may go along( hurracane or bombing in a city) but not in many cities all at the same time.

The military, some in DSH and even some in FEMA will turn and join in an insurrection with the armed people and retired military, retired police. This is were I get the numbers from. There are 100 million armed Americans. There is a 1.4 million in all the military and all are not at home all the time. So maybe 400 thousand of the 1.4 million will be turn goats and fight with the people. Now out of the 100 million armed there will be a 5 to 10% hardcore men and women that will fight for there freedoms. That is 5 to 10 million + the 400 thousand military that will help them.

This is why I think they know the numbers do not add up for them so the only way is gun control or grid down to stop us from communicating with each other.

I think that what I have posted many times here is one of the only ways is a grid down to make it easier to control but if that happens we are back to the 320 million people, how do they feed all of them. FEMA camps can’t even handle 10 million. The 320 million will go nuts without food and water. It will not be a right fighting the left thing. Everyone will be fighting. They just can’t deal with that many people. Maybe there plan will be to step back and let many die. Then go into the cities.

One thing is for sure is they are planning something.