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Patrick Sawyer The US citizen that died in Nigeria gave 14 people Ebola. Fortunately he knew he was infected and went to a hospital. His decision to go is killing everyone that contacted him, but imagine if he made his flight to the US unbeknownst to all of his fellow travelers.

“BUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Nigerian Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu says the country has confirmed two new Ebola cases, the first two to have spread beyond those who had direct contact with the ill traveler from Liberia who brought the disease to Nigeria.”

Now everyone that these two people have been associating with will probably contract ebola as well.

“Chukwu said Friday in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, that the two new cases are spouses of patients who had direct contact with Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, who flew into the country last month with the virus and infected 11 others before he died. The two are spouses of caregivers who treated Sawyer, both of whom later died.
These two new cases bring the total number of confirmed infections in Nigeria, including the traveler, to 14. Chukwu says five patients have died, five have recovered and four are being treated in Lagos.”