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The”silencer” is not so quiet. I have one I got for Christmas and we were all shocked at how loud it was. The problem is how fast the projectile is moving. Once you break about the 1000 fps mark there is a sonic crack heard when the projectile leaves the barrel because it is breaking the sound barrier. Unless you drop bellow that speed it is going to make noise. I don’t care for the special alloy super fast pellets for hunting. They are lighter than their lead equivalent so they do not hit as hard and they lose velocity faster. I have shot several squirrels with both types of pellets and the lead pellets are much more effective and they are cheaper. They do shoot a little lower due to slower velocity but it’s not like you are shooting 100 yds with it. The other issue is it is hard to find a scope that will hold zero on these things without spending as much as you did on the gun itself. The ones they come with are junk. Everyone I know who has bought one of the scoped rifle combos has had the same problem. You get the scope sighted in and it loses zero within 4 or 5 shots. I got so tired of resighting I just took mine off and use the open sites. Once you understand all these issues and get past them, these guns are a blast. I like the fact that they are a single pump to get velocity. The old pump 10 times thing was a pain. The .22 caliber ones shoot about 800 fps but I havent seen any with silencers. If you could find one that would be a very quiet hard hitting pellet gun. I am working on making a set of open sites for my .22 cal as it did not come with any. Once I get them made the .22 cal will be my go to gun for pellet gun hunting.