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thank you for all the advice, based on your advice I decided to change my investment.
I am planning to buy a vz58 , a gun that looks like the infamous AK-47 but make no mistake the only thing it has in common is the bullet it shoots.
its cheaper than most SKSs I found online buy roughly 300-100$ one hell of a saving!
now before yall tell me I should buy an AR-15, I agree but my dream gun and the one I can afford are two different things.
later from there I’ll buy some more supplies along with some camo , I already have web-gear (Vietnam-era) I found while dumpster diving.
later once I got all my pennies saved up I’ll buy a AR-15 then I’ll start reloading After that I’ll get an upper for .300 blackout. (and buy a new lower so I’ll have three firearms not just two and a half)
to me its sound proof, but what do you guys think?