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Okay, you got some great advice from Malgus and others. I’m going to try and give you some added information on the SKS that you asked about.

First the Cons – I have a Norinco SKS-D that I purchased years ago – that’s the one you’re interested in so I’m sure you know that unless you mod the magazine it’s a 10 rounder fixed in place. It’s also loaded from the top of the bolt with stripper clips which may be a bit slow if you have several targets. The sight radius (distance from rear sight to front sight) is like the AK, very short. This leads to a pretty large loss of accuracy because the rear sight is in front of the bolt and very far from your eye. You can buy rear receiver tops with new rear sights and/or scope mounts that will help with this. Lastly is ammo – you get what you pay for. The cheap Russian stuff will not be nearly as accurate as more quality made ammo.

Pros – Most of the SKS’s are military grade and very reliable. Chrome line bores, and very forgiving when used in terrible environments. They will shoot and shoot and shoot – usually with minimal issues.

I added a pic of a scoped one for you –

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