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Sounds beautiful on paper doesn’t it. Except it has never been done in the history of the world to control 320 million people where confiscations of another 300 million + weapons. Not only will it take years but they may not win because they would need a 100% dedicated army of at less 10 million that would not turn on them with there own weapons.

This would have happen years ago if it was so simple but it is not. By the first year the government may lose over 1 million in the military from turn goats to the ones that get them self’s killed by the people.

Just look at all the wars we have been in! Not one has worked out the way it was on paper.

Katrina was a test run in an area that was not ready like the rest of the south. We will see if they can do that in Texas, Arizona, or even Florida which each one will be a war like they have never seen before.

Sure they are thinking about it, but without gun control it will be hard. I only see a grid down of the country as one of the only ways to do this and even then you have war all over. It is still a no guarantee of a winner.