Can’t say about the ‘hairstyle’ but can give a few educated guesses.
Two of the guys I knew or worked with went ‘clean’, but it was because their MPB caused such a ring around their head it was laughable. Friar Tuck had more hair. So they took the rest off.
My wife says if I ever get to the combover stage, she’s shaving my head in the night.

Secondly, if you get enough pepper spray in your hair, it doesn’t just wash out. I’ve been taco sauced enough times to know that the next shower you take will recontaminate you when you wash your hair.

Thirdly, I blame Sammy Jackson and his role in SWAT for the style. Even cops want to look cool.
Personally I think it looks ridiculous and hated to even trim my hair in the winter, it’s cold without that extra layer of insulation. More than once I had my Chief ask “When are you going to get a haircut”?, my normal reply was “When I get a raise”.

Officer Friendly? He got suspended indefinitely.


St. Louis County police spokesman Brian Schellman said the officer is with the police department in St. Ann, another St. Louis County town near Ferguson. His name hasn’t been released. Messages seeking comment from St. Ann’s police chief were not returned.

Schellman said a county police sergeant took immediate action, telling the officer to lower the weapon and escorting him from the area. The officer was suspended indefinitely.

Long range shooting, it fell off the map for a while, with most shootings happening at under 5Y, most people including LE don’t shoot at any distance to speak of.

We can look at history and see the handful of shootings where long range (pistol) occurred, the first two that come to mind are Major Hassan and Columbine. Both are under 100Y, but not by much.
Most places, they’ve taken the 25Y shooting out of the training, having people move in to 15Y to ‘engage’ the targets.
More than once, I’ve heard or said it myself while walking down the firing line.
Quoting Willem Dafoe from Boondock Saints, “Good shooting, $%&tty shooting”.
More than once, a cops career is extended because of remedial training.

As to kids these days, a couple of years back we were at a gunshow in Denver.
We were setting up and the gent across from us was mortified that our kids were helping, then the next day when the show started, the kids were actually helping sell holsters and such. By Sunday afternoon, he stopped over and complimented us on our kids, their behavior and manners, and went so far as to give them each an LED flashlight off his table. As a thank you, our youngest went across the aisle and helped him hawk his goods, I think his sales doubled while she was there. (Ice to an eskimo)

Parenting has gone out the door these days, I see it in some of my Scouts (single parent homes), I see it in some of the kids friends, (thankfully they’re normally not friends long because of it), it is sad and disturbing to watch in so many ways. We recently got to watch several different ‘grades’ in Jr High school over the last two school years. And bluntly, the new 10th grade class, I wouldn’t give you a nickle for. The new 8th, will make up for them, at least here.
I had never seen the disparity so marked across grades but it was there. You could see it in the kids, you could see it in the parents at sporting events. The grade schools aren’t so polarized yet, but we shall see.