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Malgus, I know the days of telling parents how to properly raise their kids may be past for many and we can see the fruits of it all around us, but it’s time Jesse, Al, Eric, Barrack and the rest of the gang start telling “their” people to smarten up or their lot will never improve. And there are plenty of white folks that need to get the same message too. How much money one has has nothing to do with properly raising children.

Now on the egg McMuffin issue, you might think about putting that on your skills acquisition list. I make way better egg McMuffins than McDonalds does. When we have house guests it’s always what they want for breakfast.

Toasted English Muffin with a little butter & mayo on it, a poached egg, cheddar cheese, and crisp bacon. A breakfast fit for a king.

This thread has really drifted now……