Bro, I never said I have any E-Z Bake Oven fixes… the fixes I have in mind, nobody would like. Well, change that. SOME folks would like my fixes… but there an old saying: “I had a good idea that made sense. It’s probably why they didn’t use it.”

To satisfy you, here are my fixes.

1. Lock the border down. Nobody in or out. At all.
2. Round up all H1B visa holders and boot them.
3. Round up all illegals and boot them.
4. Round up all “refugees” and boot them.
5. Throw out the 1965 Immigration Act. All of it.
6. Withdraw all “aid” to everyone around the world. No exceptions.
7. Withdraw our troops and bring them all home. ALL of them. We’ve been carrying everyone’s water for 50 years. Time they carried their own.
8. Deploy the respective National Guard units from the border states to guard the border. Reinforce with Active Duty if you have to. Since they’re not dealing with American Citizens, just protecting our borders, Posse Comitatus is satisfied
9. For the price of one aircraft carrier, we can build a ginormous wall from Brownsville to the Baja, complete with motion sensors, trembler switches and seismic detectors. Have the illegals build the wall, then throw them out.
10. Ban muzzies from entering the US, unless they’re part of their version of their “State Department”, an Ambassador or work at the Embassy.

I think Europe should also adopt a sane immigration policy and eject their own “refugees” and illegals… they overrun us there, we’re pretty much cooked…

If they’re not there to blow **** up, then they can’t blow **** up… if they blow **** up in their own countries, well, so what?

There’s no way any of this will get any traction…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1