Brother MB… bro, the days of telling the parents of some of these kids “Hey, you know it’s not the best idea in the world for them to be out there in this.” is long past, my friend…

Was in a McDonalds once… yeah, I know, McFood is nasty… but I got a weakness for Egg McMuffins… sue me.

Anyways, there was this.. erm… very LARGE woman of the Diversity kind with her offspring in another line… kid was making noises about wanting something or other and was generally being a little pain the hindquarters…

“Mom” turns and, without a word, backhands the kid across the chops… “SPAK!” Totally rocked the kid’s head back…

Normally, I mind my own, but this time? I was like “Whoa! Hey! That’s completely uncalled for!”

Doom on me for opening my mouth, I had to endure LaQueefa’s rant towards me about “You don’t beez tellin’ me how to raise mah chile!” for the next 5 minutes… After BonQueesha’s rant was over, I was just like “Jeezus.. No wonder you people grow up fucked up…”

Which earned me another rant, at a higher volume… but I had my McMuffin and coffee, so I was outta there..

Takeaway lesson is that you just can’t tell “parents” how to raise their kids… they seem to think that by grunting out a couple spawn, it automatically qualifies them to be Parent of the Year or Doctor Spock…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1