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A bit off topic here but watching the videos of the ongoing crap in Ferguson, it occurs to me that those who want to peacefully protest can choose to do so during the day, or if they work, they can do it early in the evening when it is still light out. It strikes me that waiting until it is dark may well be so as to better hide intended bad behavior.

The other thing is where are the parents. I would never have let my kids out on the street at night in such a volatile situation. Until they went off to college we expected to know where they were and who they were with. In their pre-teen years each had a friend that we could tell was heading for trouble and we separated them from those kids, despite our being friends with the mothers of those kids. And we were right in both cases.

Sorry for the drift but seeing all those young people on the street skirting the edge of what’s going to get them in trouble (or perhaps hurt) leaves me shaking my head.