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Speaking of coming over here and killing us, didn’t I read on the Drudge Report that they found Muslim prayer rugs on the border. Guess what, they are here. They just haven’t acted yet. I hope the Feds are looking into the mosques rather than reading our emails and listening to our phone calls.

I’m with Freedom. We can not let them get a foothold anywhere. When I saw that Maliki sent their air force to help the Kurds, that was an eye opener. That means that he was willing to join with his ancestral enemy in battle to fight a group that even they think is nuts. How crazed do you have to be for Al Qaeda to think your too radical?

Do I want us in another stupid war, Hell no! But I want to fight them there not here. Agree we have become the worlds cop, and many times it is counterproductive. The law of unintended consequences seems to bite us in the ass every time we get involved in one of these situations. We have emptied our wallets to help the people of the world, and they are laughing at us now.