@ free,

Didja see the part where bombing solves nothing? Accomplishes nothing except pissing them off and making them fight harder? And who gets to pay for these bombs? The pilots who fly them over there? Their planes, the fuel, etc, etc? I don’t support sending troops, so by extension, I do not want my tax dollars to go to paying for bombing anyone, either…

@ matt,

Look, I understand where you’re coming from. They just head-chopped one of us and you’re pissed off. But, do NOT make important decisions while you’re angry. It will end badly. Trust me on this. I’m of the mind that, so long as they do not attack the Republic, then they can live however they want. They want to rampage and kill off their fellow camel-humpers? Fine. Don’t care…

However, correct me if I’m wrong – the guy they head-chopped was over there on his own. He went into harm’s way on his own to get some “story”… he was a “correspondent” or somesuch, yes?

Well, there’s things you don’t do in life. You don’t poke bears with pointy sticks. You don’t tempt fate. And you don’t go unarmed into an active war zone on your own, looking for some “story”, because you will get dead…

It’s not like they stormed our Embassy and head-chopped everyone, then wiped their ass with the flag… they offed some “reporter” guy who was off on his own, doing some non-sanctioned ****… Not saying it’s not heinous. I’m saying dude went someplace where we’re downright unpopular and they have a reputation for head chopping people. He gets caught and then gets head chopped… derp. Then the media howls and cries “OH NOES!!” because it was one of their own… Still, you really have to work hard at fucking up that badly… sorry.

If you really, really, really want to go into harms way to get some story or other, then you should make a meet with bonafied representatives from both sides and then get written authorization to be where you want to go. Granted, it’s not a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, but it’s better than nothing…. How much you want to bet that if Mr. Reporter had papers from the ISIS leadership saying that he was good to go, that he should not be harmed in any way, etc, that those head-chopping bastards would have left him alone?

I’m remembering that Pearl fella from a few years back.. the Jewish reporter guy they head-chopped… Dude, think about it. You’re JEWISH and you’re going to set off into Injun Country on your own? You want to go the ONE PLACE where they hate Jews the most? It was almost a guaranteed cluster f*ck. And then everyone boo-hooed when he got head chopped…. derp. No sympathy here. You just had to f*ck with the bear and poke it with a pointy stick, dint’cha?. Then you got bit. Don’t come crying.

Matt, there’s got to be a way of living on this mudball and minding our own business without having to resort to genociding an entire group of people off the face of the earth, just to have peace…

Don’t get me wrong – I got no problem shooting a sumbitch if he’s dead set against killing me and mine… just saying I prefer the alternative – NOT shooting the sumbitch – is all…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1