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Malgus, man this is a whole can of worms. I understand what you are saying. I agree it WASN’T our fight but guess what they just killed one of our kids. You said yourself, “don’t care who, don’t care why” but they just signed their death certificate. Here’s the problem I see and it is caused by a lot of previous mistakes that have nothing to do with this situation. Those people are here now. If we show weakness it is inviting them to take a shot at us here. Look at something else. They have changed their name 3 times. ISIL, ISIS and now IS. Each time the name encompasses more territory. First it was just Iraq and Syria they wanted now it is flat out Islamic State. We have seen them here trying to interfere with our laws and get Sharia law enacted here and there. These people will not stop until we put a bullet in them. They want to take over the whole world. We can wipe them off the face of the earth now on our terms or wait until they are strong enough here and face them on their terms. If we strike now will it cause an attack here at home? Most likely. Will Americans die. Yes but the fear and bleeding has to stop somewhere. I understand we have freedom of religion here but when there is a religion that is hell bent on killing anyone that doesn’t believe the way they do, you don’t let it in. If someone thinks Islam is so great let them move to Muslim country and live it first hand and see how great and peaceful it is. Letting Islam in the United States is like letting a wolf in the hen house. Some may mind their manners for a time but they are still a wolf. You just don’t take the chance. Unfortunately there are a lot of innocent people here that are going to get killed when terrorist strike. When they strike we need to kill them all and hunt down any POS that sympathizes with them. They can either die or leave it’s their choice. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.