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sledjockey, it would take a lot more then what you think. If it was so easy the elites would have done it years ago.

It would have to be an EMP. No other way. There are to many ways to contact people these days, from cell phones, internet, cb, ham radios, truckers traveling the area will tell the other truckers and many more ways to contact people.

To be able to control I personally do not see anyway but to turn everything down EMP. Even an EMP they still have over 300 million people to control and 100 million have guns and though 100 million gun owners own about 350 million guns. Even if they where able to control 90 million gun owners you still have 10 million gun owners which would be the largest army in the world and they know this. So they only have two ways of doing this 1. EMP 2. gun control.

They have lost on gun control so I see EMP as there only way to take control.