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lol@Malgus…. Well I am not an accomplished goat ****** like your example, but I see little problem that goes beyond a discussion over open range. Ever since we kissed Britian’s and France’s butts following WW1 and WW2 we have been pushed into that “World Cop” role. Let’s face it. If we had just let France deal with their own issues after WW2 there would have been no US involvement in Vietnam. If we hadn’t felt the need to bomb the crap out of the middle east after Britian grouped warring tribes together for political reasons, we would not be quite as hated as we are over there. Getting involved with Isreal’s creation didn’t help much either…..

We have now stirred up a hornets nest to the point where these people would never leave us alone even if we did pull back. They have been at war with themselves for thousands of years, hold grudges since the Crusades, and still feel that their defeat by Charles Martel requires further retaliation in France. There is no way that we can really withdraw at this point without the understanding that they will continue to attack us forever.

I agree that we do need to pull back and let everyone else deal with their own problems. It just comes down to a matter of how we can do it while still protecting ourselves. Hell, we can’t even keep our own borders safe.