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Like they don’t already have control of the media and what people see. Mr. 58 states got elected and then reelected, Harry Reid was reelected, ACA was passed because people were not told the whole truth, etc…….. Going door to door in certain communities to take what they wanted might not get reported if there were rolling Internet blackouts. Really wouldn’t take that much to make happen before anyone really knew that there was a problem.

Hell, look at Alex Jones. He is a complete nut job, but a lot of what he says is substantiated with documents and video. No one, even here, buys all of what he says. Then look at the NYT. About 1/3 of their paper is pure crap, but they are supposedly “respected?” Some strategically placed media coverage, rolling outages so people can’t post online, and a lot of government zombies can do some real damage before anyone even knew it took place.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am just playing devil’s advocate because I personally don’t think there would ever be a complete door to door search across America. With some planning and the cooperation of the media that is already in the DNC’s pocket, it could theoretically be done.