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freedom is right. They can go door to door for a localized event but they do not even remotely have the resources to do so on a national scale. Similarly, if FEMA or any other .gov agency was looking to start sending people to camps, remember that we are a country of approx. 320 million people. To even have camps ready for 1% of the population would be a pretty big undertaking. Look back at Katrina which in the scheme of the country as a whole affected a very tiny area, large as it may have seemed to the folks in the affected areas. Logistically their ability to get folks plucked off of rooftops, get food and water to the folks in the sports dome, evacuate people from that hospital, and then out of the sports dome, and so forth was nothing less than abysmal. They couldn’t efficiently get even the few thousand people stuck in the sports dome moved to shelters in other cities, let alone round up millions and get them to the FEMA camps that so many fear. We too often assume the federal govt has abilities far beyond what they really do.