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It stands to reason that there will be another attack and given how many years it has been since 9/11 it will have to be much larger in scale, and even bolder than what happened on 9/11. A lesser event would reflect poorly on them in the vein of “That’s all they could come up with after this many years?” This is why I expect it to be taking down the grid for a big chunk of the country, setting off dirty bombs in multiple cities simultaneously, collapsing multiple large dams and/or important bridges simultaneously or something along those lines. As for when I have two conflicting theories. The first is while O is still in office and perhaps after this autumn’s elections so as to give him enough time to roll out the rest of his agenda under the guise of security. I am not suggesting collusion in that regard but rather that the terrorists know us well enough to know what O’s agenda is and that the American public will agree to anything in the name of security. Clearly they know O is the most Islam-friendly President we’re ever had and the most anti-Christian/anti-Jewish. The 2nd theory is that they’ll wait until O is out of office because he is Islam-friendly and that he can further their cause in his remaining time rather than being forced to take some anti-Muslim action following the attacks.