The 41 is an interesting piece, especially as a belt, “target”, or competition pistol. It is hardly a concealment gun though.

Size and balance are an individual thing. Some like and prefer short, some long. My preference runs from full size to mid size more dependent on balance than anything else.

In a 1911, I prefer the steel framed Combat Commander to the full length model, the difference is slight and hardly noticeable but I can feel it.

The 41 didn’t feel right when I got to play with one right after Shot Show, the 21 (non-SF) has the best balance in use for me. The 30 is my general concealment gun, and I like it but the 21 is more dynamic than the other two.
For me.

One of my favorite guns for a long time was a Glock 17 that I cut down to use 19 mags, it concealed better and kept the longer sight radius and reliability of the full size model along with the slightly better ballistics of the longer barrel.

Depending on the next couple days I may be involuntarily switching to the .40 caliber, my least favorite duty round, in the not to distant future. If it happens, I will be making another conversion using a 22 and 23 mags for my own use, we shall see.

If you like the balance and feel of the 41, by all means go for it. Personally I would like to see a 10mm version, with a couple of conversion barrels (.40 & .357 Sig) it would be a phenominal choice for general purpose. But then I always felt the 20 was the best Glock ever built.