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Hmmmm lot of good points here. I have a tendency to think the few flags that have been seen are not isis members. Maybe supporters but not members. Iagree that they would keep a low profile until it was time to act. As far as the intel, I believe it to be a reliable source. The information he has given in the past has not been wrong. Now don’t everyone roll their eyes and snort when I say this but it is a minister I have listened to for several years. He has had alphabet agents show up at some of his past meetings wanting to know how he knows about this and that. Take what you want from it but I have no reason to doubt the guy. The false flag idea makes sense. Use the border situation to both get them in and cover it up or at least distract from it. The next president would be sitting perfectly to capitalize on all of it. Be the hero sending the troops in to save the day and when all hell really breaks loose aboutthe border security just blame O and again save the day by posting military everywhere. No marshal law needed just a state of emergency.