Still… it’d be nice… forged steel receiver semi auto M14… and shutting down the CMP served what purpose? Just to be a dick for the sake of being a dick?

I’m not completely opposed to cops getting some gear… so long as the same gear is offered to the citizenry as well, at the same price. 130 bucks for an M14?!? You SHITTIN’ ME???

Don’t get me started about F-Troop… just… don’t. I’m already taking blood pressure meds as it is…

Saw those goofs at Faux Snooze this morning… bunch of suits trying to justify **** like grenade launchers and tanks and **** by the cops… of course, they threw out the old bugaboo “TERR-RISTS!”… one fat **** said something like “Well, they can be used for rescue operations! They can go through water 4 feet deep!”

Rescue operations? Really?


A HUMMV outfitted with a snorkel can go through water completely submerged if you’re worried about deep water… a 5 ton truck can ford water even deeper than that… and nevermind the fact that nobody, anywhere, has been “rescued” by a MRAP during a flood… EVER…

I can pull better justifications out of my ass than these guys… Murkins, every last one of them… they don’t see that cops are now what the Framers feared most – a standing army.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1