Problem with taking lessons from the Germans , are two fold .
#1. They LOST the war
#2. They were excellent tacticians , but they were very poor strategists , They had no long term goal , that bit them in the ass , because everything they did , needed to be done quickly in order for it to succeed . Every time they got bogged down ……………..they lost their ass , because their military and equipment was not designed to deal with long drawn out conflicts . The Luftwaffe was a good example , it was designed for ground support …….and thats about it . When their soldats got bogged down anywhere , it was totally ineffective when it came to precision bombing in order not to hit their own troops ( which got surrounded more and more , especially in the east ) or in resupplying its troops , something the Allies could do easily , The Allies on the other hand , were perhaps not the best tacticians , but they were very good at long term strategy ….particularly the Americans and Russians , they knew how to bleed the enemy dry . Unfortunately , we learned nothing in modern day . Every jihadist and other group knows that the best way to defeat the United States , is simply to outlast them . Then they will eventually be forced to leave from internal pressure and bad moral . Guerilla warfare works , its costly , but it works .
” All plans fall apart at first contact with the enemy ”
Erwin Rommel