Sorry but ATF long ago decreed that once a full auto, always a full auto. No M14s through CMP ever.

My first response vanished, probably hit the wrong button, but here goes the condensed version.

My last dept got the 4 1911s one AR and one M14.
I fixed up the 1911s for issue, several of our guys didn’t have their own guns or ones appropriate for work.
The rifles were issued to guys who didn’t have their own.

Hard to believe but at $28k a year its hard to afford to live let alone buy several guns at one time.

The program, and other HSA grants have been horribly misused, I know of one vol fire dept that got grants for a better fire house than many major cities. They were forced to pay a great deal back when they got caught, but that’s rare.

I’m not in favor of all the gear handed out, but I can also see a need for some of in some locations. And I’d rather see a metro dept get a cheap MRAP than spend some extravagant price on a different RV. We already paid for the MRAP, better to have it used than scrapped for pennies on the dollar.