My county got exactly three trucks. Likely two multi-fuel 5 tons and a HUMMV. That’s it. That’s all… and good for them.

But other counties – some nearby – got downright disconcerting levels of stuff… just the rifles took up 4 or 5 pages in one county. Platoon early warning systems. Assault boats. Dozens of crates of ammo (if I read it correctly). Reflex sights. Couple pages of night vision. All told, I figure one county got enough gear and weps to outfit an infantry company sized element… didn’t see any MRAP’s, but then, I didn’t go through the whole list…

By the way… nice of our Fearless Leader to close down the CMP. I would have LOVED to have gotten a forged-steel receiver M14 – semi auto of course – for about 150 bucks… guess us schlubs and mundanes aren’t worthy…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1