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I have a tendency to take Alex Jones with a spoon of salt. He is a sensationalist to the highest degree, however it is hard to argue when you have it all right there in black and white( no pun intended). I want to believe this is fear mongering but my gut and what I see going on around me tell me otherwise. It is an incredibly well crafted plan. The gov is using the two groups a patriot will not support to put there assets in place, illegal immigrants and entitlement minded welfare brats. Go public with the FEMA camps and detain the illegals there.

Now the camps are accepted. I mean what sheeple is going to complain when they take those awful immigrants out of there neighborhoods for everyone’s safety. Then with National Guard on the border the MSM is told to go ahead and actually report what is going on at the border. Tell every scary cartel encounter. Show the violence. Work the people up into a panic and then offer to send our military in to protect us from this foreign invasion. Now they have assets at Texas’s rear.

They know if they can take Texas most people will lose heart and then all they will have to do is fight small groups of patriots. Now will they actually take Texas? I highly doubt it but they believe they can. All I have to say is “Come and Take It”