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water filter
This a water filtering design I was playing with I basically borrowed from an older design of a sand filtering plant from the later 1800’s used by a smaller city. I remade it to be used with barrels
1 is a basic filter to capture solids such as debris that the hand would not be able to grasp so easy, you might have here so other means of maintaining water flow into 1) my design I’m using buckets from a creek, from here the water flows to the 2nd part where it’s allowed to oxygenate and flowing over a concave or convex surface of coarse sand the structure beneath holds the pattern of sand in a shape rather than pooling flat (this was a quick paint shop build so it’s rough design) the 2nd design is basically layers of filtering sand so build according to your water needs, sand is a wonderful filter for water it allows bacteria to do the work process. The pipe laying horizontal is drilled with holes to allow a trickle of water flow so the sand does not dry out the bacteria needs to be keep moist and allows for circulation flow.
3) this could be a clear container that also allows for sunlight, in front of a window etc… my objective might also include parts from other pieces of equipment available to me in a SHTF scenario. in the 3 rd drawing I have activated charcoal or an active charcoal pad material that the water flows over taking the water down to a point safe to drink, you might also be stuck with just charcoal from a campfire or have a filtering system after this point which could extend that system until more filters could be made or found.
The 4th is storage in my set up I added to use a hand pump to move the water up from the storage room beneath the house. You can also put into smaller clear containers and lay out into the sun for later consumption for the UV effect. The other thing to mention is talking to the water, telling the water it is pure good and full of energy, water seemly picks up on our vibration and frequency and changes the structure of water, in the end everything helps!