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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>The only way to deal with thuggery is to stand up against it with overwhelming force, righteously wielded… the CITIZENRY should be the ones to wield this overwhelming, righteous force. They are completely capable and have the authority to do so. That the State might disagree with that does not invalidate it. The State derives their authority to use force from the citizenry, which means the citizenry has the same power and authority as the State.

The problem everyone has that would like it to change is “That the State might disagree” Because it is rigged you can’t do what you know you should unless the circumstances fit within the State controlled guidelines (laws) preventing everyone from fixing our problems. It’s no different then the ROE keeping the military from wining wars.

Maybe the reset button will get pushed one day soon. We will have anarchy for a time before it is decided one way or the other.